With bathing suit season just around the corner, many people find this to be the fastest and most effective way to lose their excess belly fat and get 6 pack abs. While watching what you eat is important, exercising is equally as important. When you consume more calories than you burn off, these calories are stored as fat. This is why it is so important that you exercise.

The more you exercise the more calories you burn. For best body results, you want to burn those calories fast.

In order to get the most out of your ab workout, you need to work all three sections of your abdomen. This will allow you to reduce stomach fat in all areas of the abdomen. The first is the upper abdominal muscles, the second is the lower abdominal muscles, and the third is the obliques. The obliques are the sides of the abdomen.

It is important to pay equal attention to each area in order to achieve maximum results. Making these exercises part of your daily routine will help you reduce your fat stomach in no time and tone your abdominal muscles.

Upper Abdominal Exercises

#1 The Double Crunch:

This is a fairly simple exercise to tone your upper abs. Begin by lying on the floor. If you have one, use an exercise mat or a yoga mat. If not, lay a towel down will do. When you are lying on your back, put your hands together behind your neck and intertwine your fingers so that you have a good hold.

Next, bend your legs at the knees and keep them together so that your two knees are touching. To do this exercise you will bring your knees up to your head while you are raising your upper body. This should be done simultaneously so that your knees and elbows meet halfway. You should do this exercise at a steady pace.

Do not try to do this exercise too fast. Chances are, if you do this exercise too fast, you will not be doing it properly, therefore, you will not benefit from this exercise. It is also important to keep your breathing slow and steady. When you are bringing your head and your knees up, you should breathe in. When you are bringing your head and knees back down, you should exhale. You should do these crunches until you cannot do anymore.

Do not push yourself too hard, you run the risk of pulling a muscle. Keep a count of how many double crunches you can do each time you do this exercise. You will notice that over time, you are able to do more and more double crunches.

#2 Butterfly Crunches:

Butterfly crunches slightly resemble the double crunch. Begin by lying on the floor on your back and intertwining your fingers behind your head. Rather than bending your legs and keeping them together like with the double crunch, you want to put your knees out to the side and put the soles of your feet together.

At the same time, bring your feet and your upper body up. This should be done until you cannot physically do it anymore. It is a good idea to alternate between the double crunch and the butterfly crunches each day.

Lower Abdominal Exercises

#3 The Reverse Crunch:

This simple and effective exercise can be done on a mat or a towel. Begin by laying down on the floor with your arms at your sides. Your hands should be flat on the floor. Next, bend your knees and raise them up to your head.

Do this at a steady pace, making sure that you do not go too fast, or too slow, Continue doing this exercise until your body becomes tired, making sure that you do not overdo it.

#4 The Straight Leg Raise:

Begin by lying down on the floor, flat on your back. Put your arms down by your sides with your palms pressing against the floor. This will give you the stability that you need to perform this exercise.

Keep your legs straight and close together and raise them up off the ground using your abdominal muscles. Be sure that you do this exercise slowly. The slower you do this exercise and the longer you hold each lift, the more effective this exercise will be. You should continue doing repetitions until you tire out.

Oblique Exercises

#5 Heel Touches:

This is a very effective exercise when you are trying to work your obliques. Begin by lying flat on the floor on your back with your upper body raised slightly off the ground. Bend your knees and put your hands by your side. Touch your left hand to your left heel and go back to the starting position.

Next, touch your right hand to your right heel. Continue doing this at a swift pace. Doing this exercise too slow will not allow you to achieve the maximum results. You should do this exercise until your body tires. You will be able to handle more and more repetitions over time.

#6 Flat Bench Pull-In:

This exercise should be done on a weight bench. If you do not have access to a weight bench, a rectangle coffee table works just as well. You should begin in the starting position. To get into the starting position, lie on the table or then bench flat on your back. Hold onto the sides of the bench or table, keeping your arms straight.

Next, bend your knees and pull your upper thighs into your abdominal area. Hold this position for about two seconds and return to the starting position. Breathe in when you are pulling up and breathe out when you are going back to the position that you started in. Do as many repatriations of this exercise as you can, until your body tires.

Doing at least one of the best exercises to lose belly fat for men daily will help you get the 6 pack abs that you have always wanted and reduce excess belly fat.


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