Of course, if you really want to learn how to play Rise of Kingdoms, you need tio learn and understand the basics first. Rise of Kingdoms is not an ordinary strategy game that you can play online, the game starts by having you choose the kind of civilization that you prefer. As a beginner, you need to be aware that there are different civilizations in the game and each of which has different passive boosts, stats and starting commander. You have to keep in mind that when choosing a commander, you should not only depend on the looks and appearance of the city but you also have to consider their passive bonuses and starting commanders before making a selection.

Once you have chosen your civilization you will now be presented with a tutorial which will serve as your overview or background of the entire game. This will also give you a short introductory section before you get started. Furthermore, as advised by the experts, regardless of how you approach the game and how you will use your strategies, always keep in mind that the main goal in Rise of Kingdoms is to establish your own town, enhance your City hall so you can get access to new buildings and features, and build your armies by training your troops in several military facilities available in the game. You also have to pay attention to opponents and outside forces in the game that may attack your time whenever they have the opportunity. Thus, it is crucial to grow your power and become the strongest kingdom. You can also join alliance and collaborate with other powerful governors. You need to do all the possible strategies in the game so you will become victorious and successful.

Rise of Kingdom is a strategy game, this means that for you to easily advance in the game, you need to be very careful in planning and decision making. It is not advisable to make a quick movement without any strategies in mind. Aside from the regular activities in the game such as collecting resources, training your troops and closing it until a few hours later, you need to focus more on creating and establishing your town as this is the main goal of the game. Once you develop your town, it will be easier for you to raise an army and participate in more engaging parts of the game such as combat and PvP. But you also have to keep in mind that creating a town is not an easy task. You need to exert optimized amount of effort so your progress will be efficient. After all, it’s all about having the strongest kingdom in the game that allows you to become even more successful. 

Last but not the least, you have to be very careful when spending your money in the game. As recommended by experts, the best way to spend your money is on 30 day gem supply package. For more information, you can visit this site: https://riseofkingdoms.guide/talent-trees/


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