Minecraft is an animated sandbox video game developed by Mojang. It renders such interesting 3D cartoons by showing the adventurous game survival, set in a single box. Furthermore, this Minecraft video has managed to showcase the game’s entirety just in a single book.

Minecraft has gained immense popularity over many years and is typically known as the best-selling video game of all time.

Reasons Why Minecraft Is The Best Selling Video Game

  • The Versatility- Minecraft is everything that you could ever want. If you wish to experience hardcore survival, Minecraft offers you that. If you desire to create majestic castles and cities, Minecraft is there to fulfil all your desires. And if you want to make impulsive and crazy minigames, then this game is all you need.
  • The Exploration- Exploration is the fun part of Minecraft as it has ample of various biomes along with a landscape that gives you thrill to explore.

The excitement of players can’t be measured when they find a big vein of diamonds or any village with a shipwreck or a blacksmith with great loot. Minecraft is all about spotting new things throughout exploring. 

  • The Creative Mode- The essence of this game lies in its creative mode. You would surely love the creative mode block-based of Minecraft.

In this game, its player gets exposed to a place where fighting or survival mob is not a concern, and then you can easily create your masterpiece.

  • The Quirky Graphics– Minecraft is also famous for its blocky and quirky graphics. However, if you are new to this game, the designs might seem outdated or disconnecting to you.

But the game couldn’t be famous without its basic textures. And if the game’s look isn’t attractive enough, then you always have a choice to enhance its graphics using some shaders and texture packs. 

What Is So Special About Minecraft

The creative lining of the game enables you to frame your gameplay the way you prefer. This game has such an interesting open-wood sandbox that mixes all elements building, exploring, crafting, and battle to create the most amazing game ever made. 

The success and popularity of Minecraft are now being replicated by many other games as well. The Minecraft organization is spreading like wildfire; everyone is trying to bring something unique to the gameplay and enjoying massive success. 

Is Minecraft Good For Brain

There is a belief among people that Minecraft could help your brain efficiency. One of the researchers has claimed the above mentioned. 

Especially for children, be said that the activities they perform in Minecraft make them smarter and also get them ahead in school.

Let’s understand this with an example when you start any new game on Minecraft, and players provide some randomized maps made of blocks. It reminds you of a Lego project; these blocks could rearrange or remove and be used to create something unique.

The continued exploration of children’s, make them discover that they can also produce a device for managing mundane tasks. 

Does Minecraft Help To Increase IQ

While there hasn’t been any study yet that could claim, playing Minecraft can increase a kid’s IQ. However, we do agree with the fact this game certainly offers educational benefits;

Here are some educational benefit points:

  • Encouraging Project Planning And creativity
  • Fortifying Problem-Solving Skills
  • Basic Logic And Programming Skills
  • Communication And Teamwork
  • Developing Social Skills Among Autistic Children
  • Resource Management
  •  Perseverance And Patience 

Minecraft can also cause kids bullying and exploitation. It is a video game; that takes place on online or multiplayer platforms, and players can be violent and harmful. They attack and kill other players, also steal earned virtual possessions, or even destroy the building that they had built working hard. 

Disadvantages of Minecraft:

  • It can be highly addictive
  • It can cause serious issues such as bullying and harassing
  • The owner of Minecraft can attempt to tempt kids to spend big money

The full access mc accounts is a form of expression; that has no conclusion. If your imagination is flowing, the game also keeps going. People who have played this can easily understand this, and ones who haven’t may keep questioning why Minecraft about the popularity of this game among today’s generation.


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