Welcoming new dogs to your home will prove to be great experience for you and especially the kids. And in order to let this experience to be more fruitful and rewarding, you have to let your dog undergo dog training.

It is highly recommended that you start housebreaking your dog to create a peaceful and pleasant place for your whole family and your pet.

Before you start this particular dog training, you have to continuously remember that you ought to be patient in dealing with your dogs. Never slap, hit or spank your dogs because use of force is a cruel act towards animals and hurting them will create dog problems later on.

Now, here are some tips to help you house train your dogs.

Part of dog house training is setting a schedule because dog sometimes not learn not by teaching but more doing the same things as scheduled.

House training includes dog potty training, in order to have a successful puppy potty training you have to set a schedule that the dog will look forward to, knowing that it is his time to eliminate.

Aside from the schedule, there should also be designated place for potty training. If the place is outside, then see to it that every morning your dog will go outside as scheduled.

The usual schedule of house training is after breakfast and after their naps. A schedule will help the dog to know that it is wrong to eliminate on just any time of the day and not to eliminate on just anywhere.

Dog treats are also important as it will motivate your dogs to eliminate on the right place at the right timer knowing that he will receive dog treat afterwards.

Dog treats may include thinly slice hot dogs, cheese, bread and commercially dog foods available in the market.

But dog treats doesn’t only mean dog foods, it can also be in a form of a hug or simple pat.

Patting can also help in developing dog obedience, as he will likely to follow all your commands knowing that he will get patting or praise from you.

Feeding is very important in dog basic training. Training a dog to eat on schedule brings good results for your dogs. This will avoid unnecessary accidents that are often cause by untimely feeding.

To avoid dog housebreaking mistakes, you have to give specific commands to your dogs. The commands should be brief and concise for your dogs to follow it easily. These commands will let him understand that it is time to eliminate or urinate.

“Outside, ” and “potty,” “go, potty” are some commands that you can use to associate your dogs in proper potty training.

Then, again praise him for every command that he successfully done.

Dog training requires time and it is not achieved easily. But if you are patient and dedicated, you will be happy to train your dog.

However, it is also recommended that if your dog has not mastered the potty training, recommended that you don’t allow him to stay just anywhere in the house to avoid the pooch to eliminate over that important document or over the new rug. When that happens, the little puppy does not look that funny any longer, but keep in mind that will proper training, and with a little patience your puppy will be housebroken in no time.

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