You’re about to find out that not all exercises will do the same job when it comes to burning fat fast. Here, I am going to list some exercises that are easy to do that will go the extra mile to eliminate fat.

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You can do these exercises as one massive exercise set.

  1. Dumbbell squat.

Do a split squat stance and lower your hips straight down and push up with your front leg to rise up. This is going to be felt in your lower body hot area as well as in your upper back.

Do reps for the one side and then switch and do the other side.

  1. Without breaking, do pushups with the stability ball.

This will get your chest and abs.

Take a break and then move on to the next pair. You’re going to get your higher back are and your abs with these exercises.

  1. Dumbbell chest bench row.

On an inclined bench, get your chest on the back and row two bells as you squeeze your blades. This is great to work out your higher back area.

  1. Next you’ll do crossed mountain climbers.

In pushup posture pull your right knee up to your left elbow, return to start position and then bring your left knee up to your right elbow.

The diagonal motion will affect your sides pretty well. Take a 60 second break and then repeat a couple more times.

You’re in luck today because you get an extra pair of exercises you can try as an alternative.

  1. The first exercise is going to get you into a different muscle group. It’s the standing single arm dumbbell press. Place one hand at its side and push the dumbbell upwards with your other hand.
  2. Use the ball to get in a jack knifed plank with the bench. Hold your posture with each elbow on the bench and your feet on the ball.

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