At first, Minecraft can be challenging for novice players because that’s what happens when you throw players into a world with infinite possibilities and minimal direction about what to do next. New players are advised to build or find a place to settle down before the sun sets, where they can have everything nearby. 

Once you have found a feasible spot for settling down, you should work quickly before the first night. You have the ability to create specific structures using the resources provided inside Minecraft. This will aid in advancing further in the gameplay quickly. Minecraft has provided users with the flexibility to create anything and do whatever they want; it is the beauty of this game. 

Due to its huge popularity, many companies began to create their own servers for hosting the game to impact hacked client who was running the genuine servers of the creative Minecraft maps while building the community of engaging audience. So, if you are a novice and don’t know where to begin your gaming experience in Minecraft, this build guide is for you. Let us discuss the top Minecraft builds for beginners in 2021. 

  • Farm 

Farms should be the very first thing that a player should build after joining the Minecraft community. Players would need a consistent food source to survive in the gameplay, and to do that, you would need a farm for growing food sources. Players would require a till to dig in the dirt and plant seeds. Eventually, you will be able to grow a wheat farm or any other crops.  

  • Animal Farm 

Players should know that animal farms are considered a much more efficient way to acquire food instead of just having a farm. It is advised to have a sheep or cow farm, as they need wheat to breed. Pigs, on the other hand, need potatoes, beetroots, or carrots to breed, which is quite challenging to collect or grow. Once you have built a self-sustaining animal farm, you are in the perfect spot for progressing ahead in the gameplay. 

  • Mine 

A fixed area for mining is highly advised for novices because it will prevent them from digging holes in their whole world. You must build a door at the entrance of the mine to prevent hostile mobs from coming out or in. Moreover, it is also recommended not to dig too deep because you may end up in a cave, which can be even more dangerous. But sometimes it can be very rewarding, players with guts step forward to explore the cave, and they may find tons of ores and coals. 

  • Perimeter 

Players are advised to build a perimeter all around their builds, and it protects players and animals from night creatures. And if you collect torches, it is highly recommended to light up your place inside the perimeter as it will act as a barrier for spawning inside your area. 

These are the top Minecraft builds that are easy and effective for beginners to progress in the gameplay.


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