The cannabis-producing industry is an exponentially growing industry that continues to grow under the shadow of industrial cannabis which is grown indoors with artificial light and environment. In these environments, heavy electrical equipment is used that increases our carbon footprint. The genes of cannabis are modified so that harmful fertilizers and pesticides can be used on them. To tackle this problem the only and best alternative that appears is organic cannabis framing along with Legal marijuana seed banks.

What Is Meant By Organic Farming Of Cannabis?

Cannabis is a special plant and producers of cannabis grow cannabis artificially under a greenhouse with controlled light and environment. This results in the greater emission of carbon and ultimately increases the carbon footprint. To reduce and ultimately stop that harmful way of cannabis production, an organic way of cannabis production is introduced.

As cannabis is a natural bio-accumulator thus it relies on the riches of the soil and unfortunately pulls toxic compounds along which can get transferred to the consumer as well. Thus cannabis plants are planted along with food crops and strategic use of crop covers, composting, mulching is required along with the use of organic pesticides. 

A Change That Is Good For Both The Consumer And Environment

Recently a survey was conducted that showed 53 per cent of cannabis consumers are ready to pay more for organic cannabis. This must be the greatest motivation for cannabis producers to shift towards organic cannabis farming. When cannabis is grown artificially it makes a huge negative impact on the environment. Thus switching to a more sustainable and eco-friendly option will not only safeguard the consumer’s interest but also will protect the environment.

But this win-win situation that is intentionally ignored as modified seeds with high THC quantity can only be created under artificial environments. Seeds with modified genetics and high THC quantity are in huge demand in the black market and attract high monetary value. To promote organic farming of cannabis the state’s has to interfere and create laws that restrict the artificial farming of cannabis. Legal marijuana seed banks must also be introduced and promoted by the government.

More Research Is Required To Upscale This Industry

Organic farming of cannabis is a new concept and requires more research. The difference in medical properties between organically grown cannabis versus artificially grown one must be an interesting and important result to look upon. Methods for cannabis to be more easily spray able with fertilizers must be found. Because we have to protect the earth, soil and save it from harmful chemicals.

The above article must have given you a wider perspective about the cannabis industry and why organic cannabis is the need of the hour. Things have started to change as few organic cannabis-producing companies have emerged recently, but they have to go a long way to capture the entire industry. But by raising awareness and educating the masses about this problem, we can tackle and finally eliminate this threat in the long run. 


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