What do Video Property Tours Comprise of?

Boston video production companies provide a tour about the services that they are offering. You will get to know about the pros and cons of hiring the services. The choosing of the design and editing options is easy and simple for the people. There is elimination of spending more time to get the services.

Our video tours are effectively a short television programme about your property. They have fully licensed background music and they are fully narrated.

How much of my staff’s time is needed?

None at all, we know your staff are there to work for you – not for us. There are no floor plans, photos, training or additional equipment needed by or from your staff. When a client agrees – you simply call, fax or email us with their details and we will organise everything from booking the tour to providing the finished product.

How easy are the tours to integrate into our website?

Video can easily be incorporated in most sites by the average IT department. If it is found that your server for any reason can not handle it – then we will host the files for you. All you then need do is place links in your listings to the relevant video with us and we will serve them up in pages emulating your own branding and style.

How long does a tour typically take to complete?

We aim to have a typical tour finished within a few days of filming.

How quickly does the video show online?

These days video should be playing within 4 seconds of landing on a page.

How do video tours differ from 360 degree panoramic ‘Virtual tours’?

Our video tours are created in the same way a short television programme is. We use professional equipment from the camera to the editing suite. A “panoramic” or 360 tour is actually a photograph taken with a fisheye or similar lens that is then seamed using software. They are often distorted, not too well composed and need a plugin to be installed on the users computer to view them.

Who pays for a video tour?

In the main it is the vendor of a property who should be paying for a video tour. Different methods for encouraging a vendor to have a video tour can be employed;

Agents can adjust their terms to include the costs from the point they take on a new listing.

Agents can retrospectively sell the video facility to existing listings and recover from the vendor when the property is sold.

Optionally agents can offer tours to vendors as an additional chargeable service at a rate above the level of fee that we charge for a video tour, thereby recovering all costs associated with marketing tours in general.

Most of the agents we have talked to prefer to look at tours as something the vendor pays for upon completion of sale. They will cover the tour costs in order to get this extra marketing tool operational.

We include DVD version which you may copy at will or we will make additional copies according to your requirements (request a quote).

Give your clients a DVD to take home from your office. DVDs can be easily attached to brochures or sent out as a mail shot.

Property Staging.

Property staging has an extremely strong position in the property sales and rental sectors. If you have had trouble getting a property rented out or sold maybe it’s time to take stock of the possible reasons why there is little or no interest in it.

This is best done by employing a third party who can give you tips and ideas on what needs to be done. They can even organise the how and when too and they frequently have their hands on product sources we wouldn’t normally dream existed let alone know how to find.

Don’t ask family or friends for they rarely if ever will give you the 100% situation on every aspect for fear of alienating themselves – and frequently they can’t see the complete set of drawbacks anyway – unless they are trained in what to look for.

To appreciate fully what Home Stagers / Property Stagers simply Google them.


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