Our elders always advice us to live life to the fullest because they themselves couldn’t do it due to encountering many difficulties but the same can be said about today’s gen folks as well because they are highly entitled in their opinion about how and where they want to go.

They do not want destiny to decide their future but want to carve out their own future and what’s more, they are highly adequate in doing so but we aren’t here to talk about doctoring and engineering but about a simple technique that most people would be astonished to hear.

Today, we shall talk about the installation of wall stickers and how it is done and while some people would find it nothing much to write home about, one doesn’t lose anything if they learn more about how it is done so that it might come into use anytime.


Kleebised seinale (in eng it is wall stickers) have been quite popular for sometime as also the items involved in applying them like scissors, duct tape, credit card and driving license.

You first take the sticker in both hands and open them carefully as the sheets are delicate and might tear up if opened in a hurry, which would be appalling as they are rare to find.

Use the tape at all four corners in equal measure so that they don’t loosen up and come out easily and are anchored on the wall for a longer period that would make them easy to look at.

Remove the tape from any of the two corners so that it can be peeled out without harming the backend and the credit card can be used to stick the applied layer to surface and cleared of all bubbles.

Once the adhesive layer gets attached to the decal, slowly remove the duct tape and do the same on the opposite side.

Within 10 to 15 minutes, the process would be complete.


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