Clothing and apparel labels are simply the tag that the brands add to their garments to mention a few details that they want their customers to know. Most of the brands add labels as a way to make their garment recognizable among various clothes hanging on the clothing aisle. It helps in branding and therefore, the companies are paying a lot of attention to the quality of the labels they choose and who they are designed. It tells a lot about the brand and its customer communication levels. Read ahead to know about clothing labels and name labels that clothing brands should pay attention to.

Why use clothing labels?

Clothing and apparel labels are used for varying purposes, like:

  • Brand:

These types of labels are used for writing the brand name and the logo on it. This helps in identification of the garment with their brand.

  • Caring information:

every garment has certain caring terms and conditions that one should follow. The labels can be used to mention those caring points which need to be followed to increase the life of the garment.

  • Size:

labels are also helpful in letting the buyer know about the size of the garment they are buying.

  • Fabric:

the labels are also meant to let the buyer know of the fabric or the material the clothing is made up of.

Types of labels

There are a variety of labels that garment companies can pick from:

  • Woven labels:

this is the most common kind if clothing labels used by the garment companies. They are usually textured and they never fade with time. Also, they give a certain professional look to the garments. They also should be woven with only high-quality dense yarn. However, woven labels are always suitable for all types of clothing and garments. 

  • Heat pressed labels:

these types of labels are a very common choice for those clothing which sticks to the skin, like sportswear. They do not itch or cut and are very comfortable, as they are pressed on the fabric directly. Hoverer, with time these labels can fade and go away due to continuous friction with underlying skin.

  • Printed labels:

these are another common type of labels that are used on the garments. They are sewed inside the clothing and can cause a little bit of friction of the printed material is not good.  

  • Hangtags:

these labels are found only on new clothing, and are thrown away after buying the garment. These tags are bigger and are attached to the garment through a string or wire. Also, they can be used to provide more detailed points about the garment, brand and caring tips.  

Sticking the labels

Regardless of what type of label one is using for the garments, choosing the right adhesive and backing is very important. Garments should be comfortable, and the labels should not pose a problem for the wearer. Therefore, one should choose the right fold and the right backing to make sure that the objective is served and also it is not uncomfortable on the skin.

There are different types of folds that the brand can choose like:

  • Centrefold
  • Mitre fold
  • Book fold
  • Flat label
  • End fold

Also, the way the label is attached to the garment should be decided carefully. Proper backing is a requirement as it will make the label last longer. Common backing types are:

  • Adhesive:

This is the basic sticker type of backing. However, it can be quite uncomfortable for the wearer. 

  • Woven:

this type of backing is used in most of the clothing garments these days. in this, the label is sewed on the back of the garment.

  • Heat pressing:

in this, the label is heat pressed and printed on the clothing material directly. No sewing or adhesive is required.

Labels are crucial, and picking the right one for the right type of clothing can only increase the brand’s value. One should keep in mind the brand type, the clothing type, and what is to be written on the label before deciding anyone.


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