This is the very first question that naturally arises looking at the huge number of options available online. In this article we would aim to answer the very basic questions and explain the steps to narrow down the options to buy the best e-cig kit that would suit you best. There are many kinds of e-liquids and e-cigarettes but buying the best one is preffered by every consumer. You can Buy Dinner Lady at affordable prices. There are present reviews and ratings done by people that will help you choose better. Let us understand more about the vapes and e-cigarettes. 

Unsure if vaping is for you

If you are unsure whether vaping is something you would like then as a general rule try to get a basic ecig kit that could give you a decent vaping experience. When we say basic we do not endorse the real cigarette lookalike devices that actually do not work well and completely ruin your vaping experience. Due to the popularity of ecigs not only a number of online sellers are offering these sub-standard devices but even ecigs can be found in pound shops which do not deliver the desired level of performance a decent ecig should have.

You have tried vaping and would like to buy a basic kit

You have several options to chose from with the most popular choice being an eGo starter kit or you can even buy a variable voltage device. We do not sell any variable voltage devices however you should be able to find a handsome deal online from a trusted UK website. Should you chose to go for an eGo starter kit, then we have several starter kits available on our website to chose from.

What are the ongoing costs involved

The main ongoing components to consider are: the eLiquid and atomizers. It again depends on where you buy your eLiquid from and what you pay but the cost is only a fraction of the cost you would be paying for tobacco cigarettes. You should be able to get eLiquid from a trusted UK company for; between £3-£5 for a 10ml bottle which is equivalent of over 100 tobacco cigarettes. Some vapers even go to the extent of buying eLiquids from abroad which then involves international shipping charges and customs etc.

As far as the tanks or atomizers are concerned, the choice is huge and you should read a bit more about atomizers to learn what to look for when selecting an atomizer as the price can largely vary anywhere from £3 to all the way upto £50 pounds on average. This does not mean a cheap atomizer like the Kanger eVod or T3 would not perform well but in fact due to the popularity of ecigs a number of manufacturers are aiming to produce premium products with their own unique designs, materials etc hence the higher cost.



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