If you’re about to get started on a workout program, you’re likely wondering what exercise burns the most fat. It’s vital that when putting together your workout program you focus on those exercises that are going to get you utilizing body fat stores as fast as possible as these are the ones that will move you closer to your end goal.

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Not all forms of exercise are created equally however so learning what exercise burns the most fat will be vital to success.

Let’s go over the key factors that any exercise needs to have to burn fat quickly.

A High Level Of Muscle Activation

The very first requirement that an exercise needs to have if it’s going to help you burn fat quickly is a high level of muscle activation. What this essentially means is that it’s going to work as many muscles in the body as possible, calling a number of muscle fibers into play.

This really goes a long way toward increasing your calorie burn because with more muscle fibers working, more work will be performed.

To put this into perspective, imagine picking up a pencil from your desk or bending over and picking up a box and moving it to a top shelf in the kitchen.

Which would burn up more energy?

Obviously the box would and this is the same principle here.

You want to focus on compound movements, which by definition are those that work more than one muscle at once.

Strength Or High Heart Rate Component

Second, the next requirement for an activity to be a great fat burner is that it has a high strength or heart rate component.

This refers to the fact of whether you’re going to be lifting weight while doing it or whether you’re getting your heart rate up high and keeping it there for at least 30 seconds or longer.

Both of these will create a very high calorie burn while you do them and also help to keep the body burning more fat after you complete them.

The best exercises to burn fat are those that will elevate your metabolism after you’re finished because then you burn more calories 24 hours a day. Even if you are only burning an extra 20 calories per hour, if you factor this over 24 hours, that’s almost 500 additional calories burned – as much as you would have burned if you ran for an hour.

Small changes will really add up.

The Best Choices For Fat Burning

So what exercise burns the most fat? Some of the top fat burning exercises in the strength training realm would include squats, deadlifts, bench press, bent over rows, shoulder presses, pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, and step-ups.

On the cardio side of things, anything that has you doing intervals will be good. For example, running intervals, biking intervals, shuttle runs, burpees, mountain climbers, or stop and go sports are all great fat burners.

So next time you’re putting together your workout program, make sure you keep these points in mind so that you can burn off body fat as quickly as possible.


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