As you buy weed online or offline, it is really important that you check out its sourcing location. Here, you will learn about the issues related to Mildew Cannabis. 

Cannabis Grow Issues: White Powdery Mildew?

So What is Mildew? Mildew, White Mould, or Oidium is a parasitic fungus that latches on to other organisms in order to feed their new host’s nutrients.

This horrible white nuisance is fairly common, mildew will attack parts of the plant that are above the ground and it will almost always start to show on the leaves before it shows up anywhere else. It can attack both indoor and outdoor plants and can be spread in a variety of ways including the air, pets, other animals, and even you!

Mildew can thrive when given the warm, humid, and moist environments it craves. Having a grow set up with plants too close together can also encourage the growth and spread of mildew, so it’s important to take this into consideration and give your plants the right space from the off.

Mildew can spread easily, especially if the climate is both warm and moist (think outdoor UK summer) and the spores can be spread by both the wind and when the leaves of infected plants physically touch leaves with another plant.

The Effects of Mildew on Your Cannabis Plant

While mildew is common and both easily treatable and preventable, it should not be underestimated or left unattended. If left to its own devices, mildew will slowly spread its spores from the leaves of your plant, then going on to infect the stems and buds.

If you leave it this late and your buds have been infected, then you can kiss goodbye to your buds. Don’t try to dry or smoke them! Buds that have been ruined by mildew will taste horrible and have little effect as the mildew destroys the THC in the cannabis rendering your entire crop useless.

How to Treat Cannabis Mildew?

Thankfully mildew is both treatable and easily preventable, meaning even the most novice of growers should be able to control and eradicate it if it does rear its ugly head.

So what is the best way to treat and prevent mildew from taking hold and wrecking your precious crop? Well, the secret is to use apple cider vinegar that has been diluted with water and then use this mixture to spray your plants. This spray can be used as both prevention and treatment for mildew.

To make the mixture you will need to add 2 or 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a litre of water. Add them both to your plastic spray can and give it a good mix/shake, you can then spray this mixture on your plants to prevent mildew from building up. Just make sure you go easy on the spraying! A light spray of your plant should be enough, especially if you are spraying your plants as a preventative measure.

It should also be noted here that the same effect can also be reached by using a mixture of milk and water (yes that’s right, actual milk). It is said that the milk reacts with the sunlight to create a sort-of antiseptic that helps to destroy the mildew, bringing a whole new meaning to the word ‘cheese’. At the end of the day, it’s down to personal preference.

If you do notice mildew on your plants, the best thing to do is don’t panic and start chopping off all the leaves. Take a careful look and see where it has started and taken hold. By carefully pruning most of the worst affected leaves and then spraying a solution like an apple cider mix, you will be far more likely to save your plant.

Other tips to help stop the spread of mildew is to try and water your plants earlier in the day, giving them the chance of having several hours of sunlight after watering.

While your plants being attacked by mildew can be a scary prospect, if you know how to spot the signs and take the necessary action it can be easy to deal with, just make sure you are checking your plants regularly.


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