An efficient marketer working on online platforms and helping brands for a very long period knows that Google Analytics is one of the best tools to be considered in online marketing. No matter your goal, you will require to learn the tool if you want to save your time and make a presence in the online market. One of the best features that this tool is serving is noticing the percentage of the website’s growth.

If you are setting up an advertisement and want to analyze the results shown by them, you should enter the tool and get a complete analysis report. But a new marketer may face a little bit issue in setting up Google Analytics because it is not everyone’s cup of tea. One has to invest plenty of time, money, and energy in the platform for actually getting access to Google Analytics and gain expertise in it.

But if you are willing to learn Google Analytics, then here is a step by step guide through which you can mark your footsteps that this is the work you will perform on the platform.

Requirements you need to fulfill for account opening 

If you are upto set up an online account on Google Analytics, then there is a bit of requirement. If you fulfill all these requirements, then only you can proceed with the steps of account opening online.

  • You need to have an online presence, which you are willing to measure with this analytics tool’s help. It would be best if you have a properly functioning website that is active and has a small base that visits the website.
  • To observe the data on Google Analytics, you at least need some data. Without that, the tool will be of no use. When you use the Analytics tool, remember that you have made some posts and improved your website so that the observations can be recorded and a report is appropriately drafted.

If you fulfill both of these requirements, you can become a part of the Google Analytics tool, steps to which are mentioned below.

Steps to set up Google Analytics 

You have to follow a simple process if you have to follow, which is explained in detail in the below-mentioned points.

  • In the first step, all you need to take is set up the Google Analytics account. There are two ways to do it out of which the first one is doing it through the email account of google that is already registered, and the other way is giving your details from scratch and register.
  • After that, when you will enter the platform, then you will notice an option in which you have to write that what you want to track. You got two options that are a website or a mobile application.
  • If you are tracking the website, you have to enter the name of the website and the URL through which analytics can access that account.
  • After that, you are asked to enter the industry to which you belong. If the website is related to gaining, then write gaming and so on.
  • Now the time zone setting is required as it is a global tool and will work according to your time zone. You can also enter the time zone of some other client if they are from another country.
  • After the steps are done, you will get a Tracking Id that is issued officially by Google. To see that, you have to accept all the general terms and conditions laid by Google in which they make a general agreement that you are allowing them to go through your website and access all the data. The code is entered into your website so that Google can see all the activities happening there.
  • ‘Now, it is time to complete the setting of the Analytics tool. You are asked to select the properties that you are willing to track. It can be a whole website, a particular blog, or some content you have published online. You are permitted to add 50 to your list through one account.
  • Then set-up the views in which you have to specify the purpose for which you are doing the tracking. You can track the advertisement and save time with this Google Ads featurein which you can add your Analytics code to an advertisement.
  • Now set up the goals in detail and check on the box according to the type of report you want. While setting up the goals, always take care of the fact that they are susceptible and need to be filled up correctly; otherwise, your website’s growth decreases.

  • Now you have to select the type of report, and according to that, Google Analytics will start the work you have assigned to them. They will give you the reports and observations that you have demanded.


It must seem like an easy task setting up and growing the website, but when you enter, then reading the report properly will be the very first milestone in front of you. So, it is highly advised that you start as early as possible and start your learning journey and watching google Analytics. It will help you throughout your online journey as a marketer.


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