If you have recently visited your dentist, you might be aware of a new technology being implemented called Laser dentistry. As the name suggests ‘Lasers’ are used for this technique and it has got a wide variety of usage in the dental treatment.

Basically, dental lasers can be considered as a family of medical instruments, some of which are used for surgery, some for enhancing tooth whitening or for removing tooth structure to eliminate diseases and some to cure restorative materials. Different lasers are used for different purposes. Laser used in the laser dentistry, it must be understood that, is quite risky a thing and that’s the reason why, utmost care and precaution is ensured for the patient while it is undergoing. You would be required to wear protective eyeglasses at the time of your treatment, also your relatives who might be at the operatory are also needed to wear those glasses as a safety measure. Unlike other instruments what differentiates laser dentistry is the fact that it doesn’t make any whining sound, which is really quite irritating for the patient being operated. This is the best part about laser dentistry, as it helps in making the patient comfortable and relaxed. However, to keep the area cool and clean, air suction is used here, so you may experience the rush of air.

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The duration of laser treatment depends on the requirement for a particular patient. So, for some it may be as brief as a minute or two, while for others it may last a bit longer. Everybody benefits from the ease of use and the advantages of laser dentistry. Now, there is no need of using local anesthesia, bleeding is reduced and there is no swelling. Moreover the post operative discomfort which most dental patients had to deal with is gone with the advent of using Laser in the dentistry. Laser has also greatly improved the effect of bleaching agents for an effective result. Even for tooth decay treatment it is one of the best available technique in dentistry because it gets rid of the tooth decay in a very fast and effective manner.


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