If you are a bike rider, you may find this situation quite common that your bike pedaling is not budging. It happens due to various natural elements like mud or water. If a good amount of rust is accumulated in the pedal, then it can also get stuck. This may also happen if, at the time of assembling, the pedals are tightened too much. You may find this situation a little difficult. Below tips are going to help you.

Safety first

When you are repairing the bike pedal, it will be crucial to ensure your safety. It would be best if you made your work environment to help you repair the pedals safely. If your bike pedal is not budging, you may require too much force to remove the same effectively. However, at this time, it will be crucial for you to judge your power perfectly. You should not get stressed too much because it may cause injury. It would be best if you did not hold your breath when applying the force on the pedal. It would be best if you also breathed out properly when you are applying your force.

Understand the pedal thread

The threads for each pedal left, and right are different from one another. This is why before you start with the repair work, you should understand the difference correctly. You will get the right-hand thread in the right side pedal, whereas in the left pedal, you will get the opposite thread. If you turn the thread anticlockwise, it will get loosen and for the other pedal, you have to do the opposite thing. You may find this design bit confusing in the beginning. However, you need to keep this design in mind to repair the bike pedals successfully.

Keep the bicycle stable

When you are repairing the bike pedals, you need to ensure that the bicycle is stable. It should stand firm. You will not want your bike to have flopped around when you are working on the same. It will always be better to have a repair stand for your bicycle. However, if you don’t have it, you should keep your bike lean on the wall. If you can have someone with you for holding the bike, it will be safer for sure. If you don’t want to lean the bike, you can make it upside-down and complete the repairing work.

Buy penetrating oil

You may face some situations when even after applying brute strength, it will not be possible for you to repair the pedal. In such a scenario, you can apply the penetrating oil. You should also hit those parts which are attached with the crank. You may be interested to know how much time you need to apply the oil. Well, it will depend on the brand of oil you are using. This is why, before applying the oil, you should read the instructions provided by the company.

As pedaling getting stuck is a common issue you may face with your bicycle, knowledge of how to repair the pedal in such a situation will always be handy. It will assist you to use your bicycle smoothly.


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